Las Vegas Manager

I’m Jenni, and I am the Las Vegas Manager. I started shopping with Hot House back in 2015, and I’ve been in love with the store ever since! I studied Political Science and History at Purdue with a focus on working with nonprofit organizations. Outside of my time at Hot House, I love to visit museums, collect vintage books, and explore Chicago with friends.

Indianapolis Manager
Hi! I’m Kennedy, and after being a long-time customer at Hot House Market, I am now the manager of the Indianapolis location! I graduated with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from Ball State University, and I’ve always had a love for vintage clothing. Hot House Market gives me the opportunity to combine the 2 things I love: sustainable fashion and small businesses. When I’m not at work, you can find me at a local coffee shop, reading a book, or at home with my husband and 2 cats!
Bloomington Manager
Hi! I’m Lexie, and I manage the Bloomington location. I graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies with concentrations in Apparel Merchandising and African Studies from Indiana University. I am originally from New Orleans, Louisiana but I have spent part of my life living with family in Lafayette, Indiana, which is where I first fell in love with Hot House Market as a customer. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Hot House team because I appreciate working for a local business that started in one of my hometowns and offers vintage products that I absolutely adore. When I'm not in the store, I value my time by reading, sewing new garments out of old clothing, listening to music of all genres, and cooking foods inspired by various countries.
Daisy Manager
Hello! I’m Sam, and I proudly manage our newest store, Daisy. I first discovered Hot House Market in 2013 and immediately became a fan! I continued to shop there until I graduated from Purdue, and even followed along on social media after I moved to Florida. When me and my husband moved back to Indianapolis, I jumped at the opportunity to work for a business I loved! When I’m not working, you can find me on my couch reading a book, or consuming massive amounts of television.